Senior Spotlight, Georgianna Snell

Phi Sigma Sigma has done more for me than I could put into words. It made me into who I am today. The sorority as a whole is so magical and enlightening. Every woman in our organization brings me strength and light every single day. I was Vice Archon my sophomore year at Iona College and I must say that it is a very overwhelming duty. However, I was honored to have the opportunity because it taught me things about myself I did not know. Vice Archon also gave me the strength and confidence to become the college’s Speech and Hearing Club’s President this past year. I learned so much through my role as Vice Archon and I was lucky enough to be at Iona College to watch two more women take on the role themselves.

I am a senior here at Iona College, so not only does that mean I have to say goodbye to the campus, my friends, and my professors, but my sisterhood. The most beautiful thing about a sisterhood is that we are always connected, no matter the distance or time that may pass. It has been a complete honor and my privilege to be apart of Phi Sigma Sigma, Delta Nu chapter for the past four years. I will be attending New York University for graduate school for Speech and Language Pathology in the fall, so I will not be far. Even though there is a great amount of change in this world and in our futures, we must not fear it. We must embrace the change because it helps us all grow and become even better than before. I have very high hopes that this sorority will live on with the upmost respect at Iona College and that our sisterhood will only grow with beauty and empowerment.

It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you soon.

Once, Always LITP

Georgianna Snell

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