Internship Spotlight: Finding My Way To Sesame Street

So much of college revolves around much more than what we initially think. As an incoming freshman, you worry about things you realize later become small matters. You worry about making friends, dining hall food, finding your classes, declaring a major. Being a senior with an impending graduation, I look back at all those little anxieties and smile to myself because it all worked out.  Every little life lesson throughout college has fueled motivation to follow my dreams.

The truth is, you have to do things you won’t like to get where you want to be. In the midst of everything that goes on day in and day out at school, remember why you are here. Remember that your education is a privilege and you should be making the most of what school has to offer you. Yeah that English essay will be insignificant as soon as you turn it in, and that first internship of yours may have been spent fetching coffee. There will be things you don’t like that you have to do to get where you want to be. But I promise you, everything pays off even when you might not be able to see that pay off coming.

Interning with Sesame Street was something I dreamed of since my freshman year of college.

Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street. I work in the U.S. Social Impact Department, and it is here that all of the social initiatives that the show works on are generated. These social initiatives include topics such as military families, autism, incarceration, death, living on food stamps, divorce, injuries, and healthy eating.

Not only are these topics covered on the television show, but free resources are created for families and providers to use. These free resources are referred to as “toolkits.” These kits have articles, videos, games, etc. We also distribute free books and have smartphone applications.

One of the incredible things about Sesame Workshop is being able to see all of this come to life. Sesame Street has been a positive influence for several generations. It’s content is relevant. It’s content is real. It’s content is important.

Recently, Sesame Street announced a new television character. Th17493199_10208833767072707_2610078293750226941_ois character is Julia. She’s sweet, she’s curious, and she has autism. Through Julia, we are one step closer in teaching that all kids are amazing, and all kids can be friends.

It is a privilege to be part of this extraordinary organization and witness the incredible changes they are making in the world. From first ever characters like Cookie Monster to revolutionary characters like Julia, the world’s longest street continues to grow.

Remember how I said you’ll have to do things you won’t like to get where you want to be? Achieving my dream to intern with Sesame Street didn’t just happen out of luck. It took determination, hard work, and time. And this applies beyond the walls of college. When I cross that stage come May, I’ll have to continue to work hard. Throughout our milestones, there will always be a challenge to overcome. Let that challenge serve as motivation.

I hope you have a dream. And if you don’t, find one. And when you accomplish it, find another one. Find your way to your own Sesame Street.

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