Gamma Xi Thanks Devin Kilcullen!


Throughout a new member education process the Sisterhood Development Chair (SDC) holds a special relationship with the new member as she is a teacher, guide & mentor. SDC Devin Kilcullen, did exactly that for our new members of Gamma Xi!

“Dev,  I want to thank you for being such an amazing role model to me during this process. I couldnt have asked for a more understanding and caring person to look after us. You taught us what it really means to not only be apart of an organization, but to be apart of a family. Thanks for your help. “- Jenn Ambrosino

“To Devin: Thank you for guiding us along the way and showing us unconditional love and support throughout our whole new member process. I am so thankful for you dedicating such a large part of our time to us. You are somebody I could always look up to and I am so grateful to call you my sister. I love you! Love, Val Arico”

““We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” Thank you Devin for everything you did for me, so grateful for you,” – Daniella Diubaldi

“Thank you Devin for everything you’ve done for me! You always made me feel less stressed even when I had a lot on my plate! Thanks for being so kind and understanding throughout this process. I’m so thankful I had the best mom xo,” -Rebecca Heady

“Devin has been a true inspiration to Gamma Xi, she has been so helpful and kind to us throughout the whole process & we cannot thank her enough! So glad to get to share in this sisterhood with an amazing teacher like dev!” -Bridget Killen

“Devin, Thank you for everything you did for us these past few weeks. We truly could not have done it without you! Thank you for being the best. I love you,” – Kristen Nolan

“Devin, Words cannot describe how grateful I feel to have had you for our new member educator. You have made the recruitment process so pleasurable. The way you put our chapter before yourself, devote every second of your free time to us and do everything in your power to make us feel safe and confident NEVER goes unnoticed. Thank you will never be enough! Love you!” -Nicole Pulsinelli

“Thanks Devin for being here for us and having so much patience and care towards us. We are all thankful for everything you do. We love you!!,” Shannon Rochelle

“I can’t thank Devin enough for all she has done for our class! I’m so thankful for her and her dedication to us! She’s an inspiring and strong woman that I think we all hope to be one day! Lots of love for mother Dev!” – Angela Santana

“I want to say how thankful I am that she was always caring to us and how she put so much dedication in the last couple of weeks to make it one of the best experiences!,” – Gab Scottino

“Devin, thank you so much for everything that you have done not only for me but for gamma xi! we appreciate all the love, support, encouragement and guidance you have given us over these past few weeks. once a phi sigma sigma, always a phi sigma sigma,”- Mia Terenizo

“”Devin thank you so much for all your devotion and patience! We appreciate everything you do and wouldn’t want anyone else to guide us through this new member education process,”- Liv Volberg

“To Dev, thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into us these last few weeks. We are so lucky to have you as our mom,” – Lindsey Washkalavitch

“To Dev, Thank you much for being such a great new member education leader these past couple of weeks. You not only were informative but kind and giving. Thank you for going to any length to make sure we were comfortable with this new experience and that we learned all necessary material. Love you so much!”- Steph Wood

As their new member education comes to an end we would like to welcome Gamma Xi with open arms & give a big thanks to Devin for everything she did!

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