Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 2.17.42 PMHi Ladies! My name is Marissa Notaro and I am currently the Membership Recruitment Chair for the Phi Sigma Sigma Delta Nu chapter. I remember coming out for Greek life and how scary and nerve wracking it can be. Just be yourself and keep an open mind is my best advice. We are all so excited to meet you girls so don’t overthink it. Phi Sig has so much to offer such as lifelong friends, leadership positions, campus involvement and networking opportunities. We are the only national sorority on campus with a total of 70 girls in the chapter. Being a national organization has allowed us to reach out to sisters from other schools with internship and job opportunities, and endless connections. I never did any extra curricular activities in high school and now I am so involved on campus at Iona. I decided to put myself out there and once I joined Phi Sig so many other doors opened for me and they can for you too!

If you commute from school this is a great way to get involved by joining Greek life. So many of my sisters that commute felt like they weren’t part of Iona until they joined Greek life. This is because they used to go to class and go straight home. Once they joined Phi Sig, they started to build connections with other people and get more involved on campus. For people that live in the dorms or off campus this is a great way to make you feel at home because I know how home sick you can get being away at school. I used to go home every weekend freshman year until I joined Phi Sig. Phi Sig made me want to stay and gave me a sense of belonginess. I wanted to stay at school to spend time with my sisters and go to events with them. I saw so many older girls in my sorority volunteering for things and I was like, “I want to do that”. I never would have volunteered or participated in so many things if it wasn’t for my sisters. They motivated me to do more and inspired me to be my best possible self. So just take a deep breath, we all have gone through this. We all want to get to know you and your stories. So just be yourself and you will do great. If you have any questions/concerns about recruitment please feel free to contact me at