Recruitment Tips



  • Smile! It’s the easiest way to win people over.
  • Be yourself! That’s who we really want to get to know and that is how you are going to end up where you belong.
  • Be positive! We are all here to get to know you and learn what makes you special!
  • Be comfortable! You will be sitting in crowded rooms but don’t be intimidated. We are just as excited to meet you as you are to talk to us.
  • Ask questions. Come with some questions about Phi Sigma Sigma. There is nothing sorority girls love more than answering questions about their sorority. Why did you choose to go Greek? What is your favorite aspect of your sorority? The list goes on and on!


  • Talk about partying!
  • Go into recruitment with your heart set on a sorority! Keep an open mind and you’ll end up where you should be!
  • Talk about touchy subjects. Keep the conversation light and stick to getting to know you topics.
  • Talk about other sororities. Phi Sigma Sigma supports each sorority at Iona College and we cheer them on in their endeavors to recruit new members and we wish them nothing but the best during recruitment season!
  • Stress. Everything happens for a reason. Keep an open mind and good things will happen.

Phi Sigma Sigma wishes you the best of luck during the recruitment process and if you have any questions click the “Contact Us” Tab and send us your questions!