Why Phi Sigma Sigma?


Phi Sigma Sigma’s mission is to inspire the personal development of each member and perpetuate the advancement of womanhood. Hence, we believe in creating an environment for our members that fosters friendship and offers a variety of experiences and directives to enrich their lives. We accomplish this goal by maintaining:

Sound Core Values 

Sharing values, lifelong friendships, and belonging to a sisterhood truly defines the Phi Sigma Sigma experience. Our core values — lifelong learning, inclusiveness, and leadership through service — distinguish Phi Sigma Sigma, unite us in our activities, and become ingrained in the character of our aspiring women. We embrace these values when we recruit new members, as we help our women chart the course of their college experience, and as they make decisions about career, family, and community involvement.

Structured Member Development 

Based on our core values, our programming is designed to meet the lifestyle of today’s college woman, encourage academic achievement, and provide the means for personal growth. We promote and implement a haze free new member education process.


Membership in a national sorority like Phi Sigma Sigma is supported through a system of resources. This includes support from staff at Headquarters as well as dedicated advisors and alumnae volunteers who assist sisters with academics and personal challenges, national programs and chapter administrative functions. After graduation, local alumnae groups ensure that wherever a Phi Sigma Sigma moves she will have a network of sisters to rely on.

Non-Sectarian Ritual

Phi Sigma Sigma is passionate about sharing individuality. Religion, cultural beliefs, and traditions are openly accepted throughout all of our chapters. We welcome women of all religious backgrounds and customs. No member of Phi Sigma Sigma will ever have to feel uncomfortable participating in our rituals because they are not based on scripture from any religion. Instead, Phi Sigma Sigma celebrates the qualities that make each sister unique while uniting all members through common ritual.